ShipConstructor 2014 R2

SSI's most user focused release

By MarEx 2014-03-26 11:54:00

There are over 425 user driven enhancements included in the latest release of SSI's flagship CAD/CAM software. ShipConstructor 2014 R2 is focused on streamlining workflows for users and enhancing the user experience. This has been accomplished by collecting feedback from clients in all markets and industries, then implementing hundreds of suggestions that boost efficiency, quality and stability.

In addition to these user-driven enhancements, both users and engineering managers will find great value in the new capabilities for streamlining penetration workflows and managing penetrations in a multi-disciplinary environment.

ShipConstructor 2014 R2 also introduces major enhancements to the WeldManagment product which now enables complete 3D weld management. This means that for the first time ever, engineering and production can be seamlessly linked to efficiently and effectively administer the entire welding process. Added together, the unique capabilities found in this product secure ShipConstructor's position as the most advanced and user friendly weld management application on the market.

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