STX Finland Finishes Cruise Ferry Conversion

By MarEx 2014-06-01 17:14:00

STX Finland has completed the conversion of the Norwegian passenger ship company Fjord Line’s MS Bergensfjord. The ship has been renamed MS Oslofjord. The overall value of the conversion contract was approximately EUR 30 million, and it involved some 200 man-years of labor.

MS Oslofjord is 134 metres long and 24 metres wide ship, built in Norway in 1993. The converted ship will enter traffic between Sandefjord (Norway) and Strömstad (Sweden) in June 2014. The most significant change in the ship was transforming it from a night ferry to a day cruise ferry. Two cabin decks were converted to public spaces, which practically quadrupled the tax-free area, and increased the selection of cafeterias and restaurants significantly. 

The interior changes were designed by the Norwegian Falkum-Hansen Design. One fixed middle deck for cars was added, providing additional parking space. The third deck was extended, and a new area, called the Fjord of Coffee, was built there. In addition to interior design, the appearance of the ship changed as well. For example, the ship’s window area increased, and its funnel was covered with aluminum. The conversion increased the ship’s passenger capacity considerably. After conversion, the capacity is 1,800 passengers and 370 cars.

“The conversion implemented on the ship was extremely extensive and demanding. The basic design needed to be reviewed almost totally and the project was executed on a turnkey basis. We are very satisfied being able to hand over this totally renewed ferry to Fjord Line,” says Kari Toivonen, project manager, STX Finland Oy.

“Now the MS Oslofjord looks like a brand new ship, and we are looking forward to introducing her to our passengers, truck drivers and freight shippers,” says Marcus Pettersson, Fjord Line director for the Sandefjord-Strömstad route.

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