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Delta 200 and Delta 300 still going strong

Voith Schneider tugs

By MarEx 2014-12-18 10:14:19

Voith Schneider tugs Delta 200 (ex- Toia) and Delta 300 (ex- Ngahue) built mid 1970’s in New Zealand at Wangarei, still going strong on their voyage from New Zealand to their new home base. Both tugs are a credit to their builders and the Centre Port crew and organization who maintained these Voith Schneider tugs very well and were very professional and helpful with all preparations and certification under the leadership of Capt. Charles Smith. Both tugs are classed with Lloyd’s register but trading certificates were issued by the New Zealand administration, requiring the tugs to be brought fully in class with Lloyd’s Register prior to departure on an international voyage, including new Loadline and Safety equipment certification, amongst others. 

Redwise Maritime Services B.V. of the Netherlands was contracted for this and the indirect continuation delivery voyages of the tugs Redwise arranged in addition for the usual H&M and P&I insurances through Nausch Hogan and Murray office at Rotterdam. 

Both vessels did perform very well on the first leg of the voyage to Singapore with the two Ruston Paxman and two English Electric diesel engines operating continuously with only one governor to be repaired. Following bunkering and taking fresh provision at Singapore the tugs will continue on the 2nd leg of the voyage.

Erik, one of the Captains, has been working for Redwise well over 25 years, most of the voyages together with his wife, the cook, taking care of the crew. Both completed previously to this voyage a tow from Singapore to Mexico, mid winter around Cape of Good Hope in charge of the tug Admiral together with current Ch.Engineer Sergei, while the other Master Nanne, supported by Thijs and Hendrik, was sailing at the same time as Ch.Officer on board the tug Lambert with a double tow, testimony to the versatility of Redwise, who deliver a large variety of vessels around the globe, including ferries, dredgers, cargo vessels and OSV’s.

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