RSC Bio Solutions, AEGIR Partner Up

By MarEx 2014-06-05 09:55:00

RSC Bio Solutions recently signed a partnership agreement with AEGIR-Marine to increase the availability of VGP-approved environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) for stern tube seal applications. As part of the non-exclusive partnership, both companies will take responsibility for global distribution, as well as the performance of RSC Bio Solutions’ EnviroLogic EALs with AEGIR-Marine’s PRIME Seals.

“At RSC Bio Solutions, we’re always looking for strong partners, like AEGIR-Marine, to meet the needs of mutual customers for EALs with proven performance,” said Mike Guggenheimer, CEO for RSC Bio Solutions. “Formally adding AEGIR-Marine to our growing list of component and service partners allows marine customers around the world to reduce their exposure to regulatory fines and spill mitigation, while simultaneously reducing potential spill impact on the environment.” 

The partnership is not exclusive, meaning AEGIR-Marine will still accept any EALs on its approved oil list for use with its stern tube seals, and RSC Bio Solutions remains free to offer and supply its lubricants to customers using seals from other manufacturers. Both companies are committed to the availability of EnviroLogic EALs in all major marine hubs in the U.S., Europe and Asia. To eliminate customer worry regarding lubricant performance and seal compatibility, AEGIR-Marine and RSC Bio Solutions are taking joint responsibility for the combined performance of their products.

“As AEGIR-Marine is a service organization, we aim to offer total solutions to our customers,” said Ruud Muis, CEO of AEGIR-Marine. “By offering a joined and proven VGP-compliant system, we ensure ship owners worldwide that they will not be left in the middle.”

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