Port of Milwaukee Assists in Exporting Locally Made Mining Shovel

Remarkable Cargo, Surprising Destination, on a Notable Ship

By MarEx 2013-06-28 09:44:00

An enormous, locally manufactured mining shovel will be loaded on an ocean-going vessel at the Port of Milwaukee’s Federal Marine Terminal #2 on Friday.  The Joy Global P&H model 4100 shovel will be transported aboard the Intermarine “Ocean Crescent” for delivery to the port of Manzanillo, Mexico.  This shipment is an excellent example of the unusual and oversized cargo that Milwaukee’s port can handle.  It also shows how the port can support local businesses by providing an efficient and convenient method for delivering their products to domestic and foreign markets.

Joy Global’s P&H operation began in Milwaukee in the 1880’s, and it has an established reputation as a leader in surface mining equipment.  It has used the Port of Milwaukee in recent years to transport its products around the world.  This current shipment includes hundreds of crates and larger pieces that will be assembled at the final destination.

Friday’s shipment is going to the west coast of Mexico aboard the U.S. flagged “Ocean Crescent.”  It will sail through the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Panama Canal on its way to Manzanillo.  While that may seem to be a roundabout route, it is advantageous because of the size of the shipment’s components.

Intermarine does not routinely visit the Great Lakes as it often is involved in transporting military cargo for the U.S. Department of Defense. This is the first visit to the Lakes and to Milwaukee by one of its fleet, the “Ocean Crescent”.

Representatives of the port, the ship, Federal Marine Terminals, and P&H will be available to answer media questions at 9:30 am on Friday.

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