PG Hydraulics to Launch PSV Deck Machinery During Nor-Shipping 2013

By MarEx 2013-05-31 11:31:00

Market-demand for more integrated hydraulic solutions, have triggered development at PG and PGH for some dedicated Deck Machinery for PSV's.

Tugger-winches, Capstans and Deck Securing Winches of PGH design and manufacture, are therefore included in our future offering to PSV's in the global market.

PGH have since long integrated similar products from various manufacturers near and far, to be driven by our Hydraulic Power Packs. Products of variable quality, and often with questions arising of responsibility for the hydraulic functions and corresponding trouble-shooting, have triggered Customers to request more hydraulic equipment from us as HPU-manufacturers.

Manpower, competence and capacity have enabled PGH to develop novel design equipment to meet with these demands, with some remarkable features:

- Compact, and rugged design.
- Large diameter / reduced no off wire-turns to avoid cut-ins.
- Fully encapsulated solutions, with internal, oilbath brakes (no dripping rust-water).
- Remote operations easily achieved.

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