Ocean Safety Supplies Dacon Rescue Scoops to BP

By MarEx 2014-02-14 16:46:00

The UK’s largest independent safety supplier, Ocean Safety has supplied a pair of Dacon Rescue Scoops, crane operated man overboard recovery systems, to British Petroleum via ship manager Bibby Offshore.

The Dacon Scoops, which are favoured by commercial vessels all over the world, are fitted to the BP offshore supply vessels Caledonian Vanguard and Caledonian Vigilance. The Dacon Rescue Scoop is a semi-rigid, manoeuvrable rescue net used to rescue conscious or unconscious persons in rough weather.

Dacon, in association with Ocean Safety’s Aberdeen branch manager Aidan Morrissey, worked closely with Bibby Offshore to create the man overboard recovery solution and tested it in rough weather outside Aberdeen to ensure everything was working as designed.

Dacon’s Sales Manager Daniel Olsson reported “We carried out ten to fifteen trial rescues in seas of 3 to 4 metres to satisfy the client of the Dacon Scoop’s suitability. During this trial we also carried out crew training in the proper use of the product and everyone had a go at operating the crane to rescue the training dummy.”

He added “We are thrilled whenever we are able to do full offshore trials and crew training in a bit of rough weather as these are the conditions that the vessel will operate in. Both ourselves and the crew were very pleased with the results. It’s important that a ship like this is equipped with proven and efficient equipment.”

The Dacon recovery net forms a scoop in the water and the vessel then manoeuvres to catch the person in the net and subsequently lift the person to the railing. This provides a gentle recovery with full length body support, reduces the possibility of injury aggravation and allows for recovery of an unconscious person.

Ocean Safety is the exclusive UK distributor for Dacon AS in Norway, manufacturers of man overboard rescue equipment.

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