Matched Ground Tackle Componets Create Superior System

By MarEx 2014-01-16 15:06:00

Dependable anchoring is even more important for those who rely on their vessels for their livelihood, such as work boat operators. When combined, Rocna anchors and the new Titan High Strength Shackles from Canada Metal (Pacific) create a well-balanced and unbeatable ground tackle system worthy of the hardest working commercial vessels.

Until now, the marine marketplace offered little in the way of high strength shackles. As a result, many commercial vessels have been forced to employ shackles much weaker than their G4 chain, degrading the chain's integrity. The new Titan High Strength Shackles are matched in strength to grade 40 chain, meeting the diverse demands of maritime tasks. 

 Additionally, the demands made on both shackle and chain increase when a superior anchor like Rocna is in use. Rocna anchors, known for their industry-leading holding power and very quick sets, require similarly rugged and durable shackles and chain for optimum safety and performance.

 A top performer in all bottom types, Rocna anchors offer super high holding power. The heavy-duty construction of a Rocna is attained through clever design and the use of high-quality steel. Rock solid with no moving parts, the need for complex adjustment systems and potentially dangerous failure points is eliminated. A hot dip galvanized finish covers the entire surface of every Rocna with protective zinc, including the interior of the hollow rollbar.

 New Titan High Strength anchor shackles offer a breaking strength exceeding that of high test G4 chain, up to 30% stronger than standard Grade A shackles. Hot dip galvanized coating on both the shackle and the pin offers premium corrosion resistance, and meets or exceeds the current RR-C-271 Type IVA Grade B specifications.

 For bow or D types, Titan high strength shackles come in all sizes from 5/16" to 1-3/8". They range from 2,750 to 46,200 lbs. in working load limit, and from 13,750 to 231,000 lbs. in breaking load. Proof tested and load rated, every Titan high strength shackle bears the Titan logo and a stamp indicating its size and working load limit.

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