Martyr Anodes Earn Place On Europort Green Route

By MarEx 2013-10-28 11:55:00

Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd. knows the importance of delivering high-quality, sustainable and efficient products for demanding commercial marine applications. Its wide range of Martyr magnesium and aluminum anodes contain no traces of toxic cadmium, a distinction that earned CMP a place on the upcoming Europort show's Green Route. This honor is given to products and services that demonstrably reduce the environmental impact of marine vessels.

As the only company on the market to offer cadmium-free cathodic protection for salt, brackish and fresh water applications, CMP manufactures Martyr anodes to strict US Navy MILSPEC standards. Environmentally responsible Martyr anodes enable owners and operators worldwide to reduce the ecological impact of their vessels. They also meet impending EPA Vessel General Permit requirements for US waters.

Many leading ship owners, including Crowley Maritime and the US Navy, long ago switched from zinc anodes to aluminum. They likewise insist that their anodes meet a specification. "The US Navy has done extensive research on determining the alloys, composition and more importantly, the production process that results in effective sacrificial anodes. Consequently, the Navy's MILSPEC for anodes has become the global benchmark for shipyards, owners and operators," said John Mitchell, CMP president.

Martyr II aluminum and Martyr III magnesium anodes weigh far less than traditional zinc versions, helping operators save on fuel. They offer superior protection and deplete more efficiently than zinc anodes, enabling owners to use fewer anodes on a vessel, and change them less frequently.

Both aluminum and magnesium Martyr brand hull anodes come in a variety of mountings to meet the needs of commercial vessel owners. The Martyr cadmium-free aluminum line includes anodes such as shaft, rudder, collar, heat exchanger, ballast tank, condenser, platform/standoff, cable, crab trap, prop nut and plate anodes/hull anodes in bolt-on and weld-on configurations. Europort takes place in Rotterdam, November 5-8. CMP will showcase its Martyr anodes on the Green Route in booth #8009.

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