Hygiene Courses as E-Learning

By MarEx 2013-02-01 09:27:00

Up to 1 March 2013, you can attend a hygiene certificate course for free. This is an e-learning course and we are providing this for free to get feedback from users. Afterwards, a fee will be payable for the course.

The course meets the requirements by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and the certificate can also be used ashore. It also complies with the Danish Maritime Authority’s
coming Executive Order on hygiene skills. The course is aimed at ships cook’s assistants and others on board who have to prepare food for other people.

The certificate gives the right according to Danish legislation to prepare food in companies subject to Section 1 of the Executive Order on food hygiene training. The course is in general food hygiene and is an obligatory e-learning certificate course which concludes with an exam.

Certificate course Type A

This type of course normally requires the exam to be taken while there is an invigilator present to check that the right person is sitting at the PC doing the exam on-line. This is dispensed with for the e-learning course so seafarers do not have to sit on the school bench to take the exam. On the other hand, there is an approvals procedure meaning that someone other than the trainee (for example the master or DP) also has to log on and unlock the exam module and thus confirm compliance with the requirements for validity.

The exam is also different every time since the online system allocates questions at random from a pool of questions. The course is provided in Danish and English.

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