How Shippers Use Ocean Transport Emissions Data

By MarEx 2013-03-26 12:16:00

A new report published by BSR’s Clean Cargo Working Group, highlights corporate practices in using ocean transport emissions data.

BSR conducted interviews with Clean Cargo shippers—companies buying transportation services—to find out how they use Clean Cargo emissions data, how they integrate this data into their business processes, and what benefits they receive from being part of the group.

Highlights include:

Procurement decision-making: 78 % of shippers use Clean Cargo emissions data to inform their procurement decision-making process.

• Sustainability reporting: 56 % of shippers use Clean Cargo emissions data either in their sustainability performance reporting or for other uses, such as to calculate their own carbon footprint, as well as the supply chain carbon footprint of their customers.

• Intermodal transport comparison: Shippers highlighted that Clean Cargo emissions data enables them to compare different modes of transportation, and make informed decisions where it may be possible to shift certain flows to ones with lower emissions.

Check out the complete report HERE.

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