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Partnership of equals

By MarEx 2013-06-10 14:09:00

With times remaining challenging for ship repairers everywhere, it is encouraging to communicate that Gibdock continues to achieve growth in the cruise and specialised vessel markets and hold its own in merchant ship and ferry sectors where there is little if any growth at all. As an executive partnership, we are delighted to be entrusted with the management of Gibdock at what is an exciting time in the yard, with carefully laid investment plans to capitalize on real market opportunities in oil and gas coming to fruition.

Many of you who work with Gibdock already know us well as individuals. Now, as a management partnership, we look forward jointly to consolidating our reputation for quality, based on working as a team, an approach at ‘the top’ of the company that will be reflected in every aspect of the organization. We will bring the same ethos of working as a team to the new and challenging markets we expect to produce growth as we have to the markets where we continue to enjoy such a high volume of repeat business.

As ever, our key advantages revolve around our strategic location and our ability to deliver ships back to owners on time and to excellent standards. Building on these attributes demands a willingness to invest strategically in growth markets. As reported elsewhere (p2), our new fabrication ‘pad’ is now complete, giving us the ability to bid against a wider variety of jobs in the oil and gas sector. This initiative comes against a backdrop of strong encouragement from repeat business in one of our core activities in the offshore support vessel and seismic ship repair and conversion sector, and a major new offshore support customer reference anticipated before the end of June.

This major step forward in our developing oil and gas ambitions is tightly coordinated with our day-to-day business; seasonally, this is a period of high dock occupancy at Gibdock with our regular ferry maintenance and repair work in full swing. This year, the months ahead are also promising for further work in the highend passenger vessel market. We expect the return of some familiar luxury cruise ship visitors in the second and third quarter.

In making this strategic move, we have not lost focus on the need for continuous investment in our existing equipment and expertise, the latter demonstrated by being selected for one of the first commercial applications of a new coating from Jotun (p3).

As managing partners, we will work to ensure existing customers receive the care and attention for which we are renowned, and to bring the reputation we have earned to a wider audience.

PHOTO: Richard Beards, Managing Director & John Taylor, Operations Director, Gibdock

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