Enhanced Safety for Lng Vessels

StormGeo's Seaware product adds GTT's tank sloshing prediction and alerting system

By MarEx 2014-01-23 13:39:00

Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse, France and Bergen, Norway – StormGeo, the global weather services company, has partnered with French company GTT (http://www.gtt.fr) to add enhanced Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) membrane tank sloshing prediction and monitoring to their current Seaware EnRoute Live (ERL) on-board software product.  LNG shippers who use this product will benefit from Seaware operational decision support that incorporates components of ship motion, stability, weather, and sea state.  This well-proven vessel monitoring complements GTT’s industry leading expertise in the design and development of cargo tank systems for LNG carriers. 

Sloshing in tanks is one operational factor to be considered for all LNG carrier owners or operators. To avoid an excessive tank sloshing incident at sea, this Seaware on-board system with GTT’s Sloshing Prediction Program takes into account the detailed hull lines of the ship, the actual loading condition, roll damping, wave spectrum, and ship speed/heading.  The captain can, prior to departure, simulate and plan a sailing route mitigating potential tank sloshing risks as part of a safe and efficient Seaware calculated optimized route recommendation.  As loading condition, weather, and sea state conditions can change during transit, Seaware’s ERL uses its tactical alerting mode to alert the Captain and bridge officers for potential excessive tank sloshing risk with enough time to change course or speed and to provide guidance in choosing the most efficient mitigation action.  GTT collaboration with StormGeo can also develop sloshing impacts monitoring systems which can be used at sea to monitor real time sloshing activity in the tanks and check the efficiency of mitigating action. Based on GTT’s expertise on statistical sloshing data analysis and Seaware ERL monitoring/recording capacities, post voyage analysis can also be performed, enabling fleet management constant improvement. 

Seaware EnRoute Live is the most advanced onboard weather and ship routing product suite in the market,” states Kent Zehetner, CEO of StormGeo. “The addition of the sloshing prediction program will add significant value for our LNG clients by improving safety during the voyage.  We measure success through the number of risks we enable our clients to avoid.”

Philippe Berterottière, CEO of GTT adds, “Our expertise in LNG shipping technology and StormGeo’s dominance in the weather services market make this partnership a natural fit for GTT.  Sloshing prediction modules are the next step in ensuring the safest possible sea crossing for our LNG customers.”

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