Dometic Marine Introduces New Refrigeration Solutions- Coolfreeze CFX Portable Electric Coolers AND COOL-ICE ICEBOXES

Seawork International, 25th to 27th June 2013, Stand A19

By MarEx 2013-06-25 16:06:00

Dometic Marine’s WAECO presents the new CoolFreeze CFX series of portable compressor coolers and Cool-Ice Iceboxes to the commercial market at this year’s Seawork International.

Perfect for use as a wheel-house refrigeration option, the CoolFreeze coolers are designed to cope with harsh environments and can be securely mounted and used as a seat on tugboats, ferries, patrol boats, hovercrafts, coast guard boats and more.

Setting another milestone with the new series, mobile cooling specialist WAECO offers the market’s best compressor cooling performance and energy efficiency to date. Providing refrigeration and deep freezing up to -22oC, the complete CFX range includes 35-litre, 40-litre, 50-litre and 65-litre sizes.

“By means of a purpose-designed, high-performance compressor and an extra-strong insulation layer we have achieved considerable energy savings on the predecessor series,” explained Dometic Marine Sales Manager Thomas Feld.

Cooling performance is not the only field where the CFX high-tech series outperforms other coolers. They also excel with their heavy-duty cabinet, which makes them reliable units in all situations. Special, reinforced corners, stainless steel hinges, a robust lid coating and sturdy fold-away handles lend additional stability to the new boxes. Designed to withstand the rigours of use, they are lightweight and handy to carry.

Fitted with the well-known WAECO One-World feature, CoolFreeze CFX coolers accept any kind of voltage supply from 12 to 240 volts. A three-stage battery monitor ensures the compressor motor is always ready to start, an electronic thermostat with digital temperature readout keeps food and drinks cool with one-degree accuracy, the USB port can be used to recharge small gadgets, and the detachable lid with the non-slip rubber mat serves as an extra table on-board.

The energy-saving LED light adds to the favourable overall energy balance and nicely accents the interior. Another practical extra is the separate ‘fresh food’ compartment, which is located out of the freezing area to keep sensitive foodstuffs like fruit, vegetables and dairy products above the freezing point.

For a more light weight and easy to transport option, Dometic Marine presents the new range of WAECO Cool-Ice portable iceboxes.

In seven sizes that range in capacity from 13-111 litres, the iceboxes offer a cooling solution for vessels with little or no power. They come with a 5-year warranty that boat owners have come to expect of a global brand such as WAECO.

Constructed from food-grade CFC-free polyethylene and featuring thick polyurethane refrigeration-grade foam insulation, the Cool-Ice iceboxes are the perfect solution for use on vessels that have no built-in cooling facilities. They can also be used as an extra chilling facility where on-board fridges are insufficient or for extended cruising vacations where access to shore to replenish supplies is limited.

The iceboxes have been designed to withstand the rigours of vessel movement and feature integrated tie-down points that secure them in place and minimise shifting of contents. When loading and unloading onto the vessel, the icebox has strong handles on either side for easier carrying whether by one or two people. The smaller WCI-13 and WCI-22 have a shoulder carry strap for secure, hands-free transport.

The labyrinth design of the lid’s seal creates highly-efficient protection against external ambient air and helps ensure ice will last up to a week or longer1.

Durability and resistance to sea air and water are paramount to any product intended for use on a boat. The WAECO Cool-Ice has stainless-steel fixing screws in the nylon latches and the fully-integrated hinges have stainless-steel rods.

The construction of the Cool-Ice icebox is seamless and has no joins. This means the interior is easy to clean, remains hygienic for stored foodstuffs and looks new and clean longer. With the exception of the smaller 13 and 22-litre iceboxes, the Cool-Ice range features a large-diameter drain plug in the unit to allow for easy disposal of melted ice.

Tips for keeping contents cool:
1. Wherever possible, chill the contents prior to stowage.
2. Consider the location of the icebox – keep away from direct sunlight.
3. Line the Cool-Ice with ice blocks.
4. Keep air space at a minimum to maintain chilled temperature. Fill empty space with cardboard or ice.
5. Choose the correct size icebox. A full small box will retain its chilled temperature longer than a larger empty box.
6. Drain off any excess water

1Ice could last for up to a week, but this wholly depends on usage and conditions such as content, frequency of opening, location of icebox, ambient temperature of surroundings etc.

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