Destination Europe - Training Center #3 Open for Business

By MarEx 2013-03-07 11:55:00

The member companies of the Subsea Solutions Alliance announced the opening of their third training center at the premises of our member company Trident BV.

This training center incorporates classroom areas, workshop facilities as well as a 120,000 liter dive tank suitable for the training and development of specialized tooling.  By maintaining a fully employed consistent workforce of diver / technicians, the member companies are continually training personnel in underwater wet welding, installation of hyperbaric cofferdams, specialized rigging techniques and general surface supplied air diving best practices. 

By maintaining these training centers around the world, Subsea is able to  continue to develop new methods of underwater ship and equipment repair as well as train our personnel on how to work together as a team safely and efficiently.

The Subsea Solutions Alliance qualifies new underwater wet welding techniques to AWS (American Welding society) and Class society standards in these facilities. Incorporating OEM training into training centers also allows them to work together with OEM partners to develop new methods of underwater repair as well as train together with them so that they can efficiently manage the inboard and outboard operations during a critical repair. 

These training centers are more than centers to develop expert diver / technicians, but they are the  laboratories for testing new methods of repair to continue to develop more efficient and cost effective ways to keep vessels in operation.

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