Corvus Contract for First LNG Battery Ferry

By MarEx 2014-11-21 19:35:00

Corvus Energy, Siemens and Fjord1 have announced the award of the contract for the Fannefjord LNG hybrid ferry. The refit Fannefjord will use a 1050V, 410kWh Energy Storage System (ESS) consisting of 63 Corvus Energy AT6500 advanced lithium polymer batteries. The ESS will be integrated with the existing Siemens drive systems and be powered by two LNG generators.  

The 123m Fannefjord, sister ship to the vessel Moldefjord (who won the 2010 Green Ship of the Year), has a capacity of 390 passengers and 125 cars or 12 road trailers and 55 cars. Typically LNG-diesel-electric ferries of this design, feature one diesel engine and two LNG-fuelled main engines. The conversion of the already efficient and clean LNG ferry to a battery hybrid form will reduce "methane slip" and deliver even further reduced greenhouse gas emissions, fuel-efficiency, improved maintenance costs and optimized engine performance.

“We are very pleased that Corvus’ energy storage system was selected for this innovative vessel,” said Sean Puchalski, vice president business development, Corvus Energy. “Based on our research, the Fannefjord will be the world’s first LNG-battery hybrid ferry in operation.

Corvus’ lithium polymer energy storage technology is an effective solution for hybridization of commercial LNG powered vessels. It provides the consistent power and reliability to support the specific performance attributes of LNG powered vessels. With a large market share and multiple hybrid systems deployed with Siemens and their customers, Corvus Energy has the breadth of experience and expert personnel to ensure this conversion performs well now and far into the future.

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