CA Clase Introduces S1000 AIS Smart SART

By MarEx 2014-04-09 16:16:00

CA Clase (UK) Ltd, the UK’s leading distributor of Marine Electronics specifically designed for the commercial and leisure marine markets, are pleased to announce the launch of the new S1000 AIS Smart SART by Digital Deep Sea, now IMO approved and delivering affordable safety. 

A SART (Search and rescue transponder) is a mandatory fit for life saving apparatus on all vessels over 300GRT. Traditional technology used a radar type device, but new legislation now allows an AIS SART to be used with associated performance and cost benefits.  AIS SARTs positively identify the casualty and give a regular position update which can be graphically displayed on a Class A display, ECDIS or plotter.  

The S1000 is a fully IMO compliant and approved AIS SART (Wheel Marked) which once activated, will display a target on any Class A or B transponder system or on an AIS receiver.  As such it greatly aids recovery of the casualty or life-raft.  SART alarms like Digital Yacht’s AIS Lifeguard are also activated by the signal from these devices.  The S1000 utilises specialist VHF antenna technology to offer exceptional range (typically up to 10NM) and has a battery life of 96 hours under operation.  It comes with a storage bag and bracket mount and has a 1m telescopic pole integrated so it can be used in a life-raft. The integrated 50 channel GPS offers a very fast time to first fix (typically under 40 seconds) and thereafter position information is transmitted 8 times per minute.  The SART shows as a specific SART target on any AIS system and a safety message (SART ACTIVE) is sent every 4 minutes.  The S1000 SART also offers considerable safety benefits for leisure users and should be part of any safety pack for coastal or ocean sailing.  

Digital Deep Sea is a brand of Digital Yacht Ltd, one of the UK’s fastest growing marine electronic manufacturers with a portfolio of AIS, WiFi, navigation, network and communication products.  The Digital Deep Sea brand footprints commercial shipping, workboats, fishing, superyacht and naval users.  Digital Deep Sea products are sold globally through the company’s three regional sales centres in the UK, US and China and through a network of 100’s distributors and dealers worldwide.  The company recently won the NMEA award for innovation and was also the winner of the METS DAME Electronics Category award for iAIS.

Based in Hampshire UK, CA Clase (UK) Ltd distributes an exceptional range of quality communication, navigation and entertainment products.  The company’s cutting-edge portfolio offers high profile and well established brands including KVH, Digital Yacht, Nauticomp, GOST, Yacht Router and SAAB.  For further information please visit

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