Buzz Marine Expands its Range with a Free- Standing Hubba for Portable On-Board 3G Broadband Reception

By MarEx 2013-04-29 11:58:00

Buzz Marine, the company that brought the revolutionary HubbaX mobile broadband unit to the marine world, has added a new internal unit to its range:  the Hubba. This unit can be located in the cabin and will provide a wi-fi broadband capability throughout the vessel. The Hubba is not water resistant like its big brother, the HubbaX, and should not be located on deck but has the advantage of being free standing and mobile. It can therefore be easily removed from the boat and used ashore.

Using unique patented aerial technology and 3G networks via an internal SIM card the Hubba provides ADSL equivalent broadband speeds, up to four times the connectivity of an internal SIM in an iPad or laptop mobile connector.  The Hubba is  powered by the vessels 12v system or standard mains power point with the 12v DC powerpack and is therefore  extremely versatile. It can be set up and ready to use in seconds. Perfect for onshore accommodation then transferred to the boat for the day at sea, the user never needs to be out of touch, the Hubba will continue to provide broadband connection up to 20 miles offshore, continually seeking the best signal.

The free-standing, compact Hubba can be located anywhere in a cabin which has glazed windows. Powered by 12v DC power, the marine broadband units are protected by industry standard security protocol (WEP, WPA, WPA2).

Steve Smith, Managing Director of Buzz Marine commented:  “As it becomes increasingly important for boat owners to stay connected while cruising, and to be able to do so at a speed similar to that experienced at home, the Hubba offers an economical solution through utilising 3G networks to access an internet connection which can be easily connected to your favourite devices. Once in position there is no set up required, just plug in and the unit will search and lock on to the best available signal. With four built-in antennae it is four times more powerful than a built-in laptop or iPad connection.  It’s simple to add on the telephony service too ensuring the connection is made the most of.”

The Hubba range is fully future-proofed and is designed to take advantage of upgraded transmitters as they come online, which could see users enjoying typically 8Mbps (Megabit per second)  on board.  With typical download speeds of 7 Mbps and uploads of 1Mbps, Buzz Marine’s Hubba creates highly affordable wi-fi internet access on a vessel with prices from just £325 +vat. For more information go to www.buzzmarine.co.uk.

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