BCG Releases PCVM Emulation

By MarEx 2014-08-29 16:18:00

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of another emulation product to our family of Radar Simulators.  BCG has completed an emulation of the VisionMaster FT™ radar – our PCVM.  PCVM utilizes the same simulation engine as the rest of BCG’s products, which results in a powerful training tool used to familiarize a student with the use of the VisionMaster radar for ship navigation and collision avoidance training. The radar image incorporates realistic simulation of landmass, moving targets, precipitation returns, sea clutter and other effects seen on a real radar. The software features include full ARPA functionality, radar video controls, dual EBL & VRM, multiple presentation modes, graphics capabilities, AIS functionality, and range scaling. For ARPA support, PCVM provides target acquisition & tracking, leading vectors & history trails, and trial maneuvers.

Some features that are incorporated into PCVM allow it the ability to couple with the VisionMaster ECDIS to offer a more realistic Integrated Navigation System Training Solution.  Also, BCG has integrated the Conning Window, Docking Window, several situational awareness windows, and the Man Overboard Alarm Panel functionality to mirror the operation of the real unit.

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