AEGIR Marine European Business Awards 2014

By MarEx 2014-05-30 16:51:00

“The competition was tough and all of our competitors were first class companies,” says Ruud Muis –the proud CEO of AEGIR-Marine BV. “We didn’t become No. 1, but being among the top European companies is absolutely something to be proud of.”

A year ago, RSM-Netherlands asked AEGIR-Marine to enter the European Business Awards (EBA*) competition. AEGIR did so and was selected from among 17,000 companies from 31 countries. In July 2013, AEGIR-Marine became a candidate in 3 categories. Just a few weeks later AEGIR was chosen as National Champion in the EBA-category Import/Export. One of only 375 companies that made it that far. 

In March 2014, AEGIR went to London for the EBA jury assessment. 100 companies were chosen from the 375 and AEGIR-Marine was one of them.

“The judges were impressed by the very high standard this year,” says Adrian Tripp (CEO EBA), “It was higher than ever before.” Tripp sees the finalists as shining examples of European business success. 

European Business AWARDS gala
The award winners were announced at this week’s European Business Awards gala . 
The Import/Export Award recognises organisations that demonstrate a continuously positive trend in the export/import or re-export of goods, demonstrate the expansion of coverage in existing or new markets and, through the introduction of creative and innovative operational processes, show robustness in managing and developing international trade and maintaining and improving market position in the face of competition.
“That description suits us perfectly. We didn’t become Number 1, but we definitely did well,” says Ruud Muis. 

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