Transas Conference Promotes Collaborative Change


Published Jan 19, 2017 9:42 PM by Transas

Instigating change is rarely easy. It requires motivation, a vision and sustained momentum. Within the shipping industry, it’s sometimes necessary to overcome an ingrained adherence to tradition, but this shouldn’t deter us, as by working together, change is possible and can benefit everyone.

This sums up the philosophy at the heart of Transas’ upcoming global conference to be held in Malta in March. The event’s agenda is wide-ranging addressing topics such as new thinking in training, advances in human-machine interface design and innovation in ship traffic management. Each of these alone has the potential to boost safety and improve commercial efficiency.

However, that’s only the beginning. “By uniting stakeholders from across industry – technical experts, commercial managers, academics and policy makers – and joining these dots together even bigger gains are possible,” explains Transas CEO, Frank Coles.

“If vessels, ports and terminals, shore-based authorities, regulators and training providers around the globe can work through one common operating platform in real time, there is tremendous potential for operational change and improvement. That’s before we even begin to consider the impact and disruptive opportunities presented by wider technological trends that are yet to permeate shipping, such as the Internet of Things”, he continues.

The timing couldn’t be better. While the introduction of new legislation has improved shipping’s safety record, the fact remains that more than 1,000 seafarers lose their lives annually – that’s three lives wasted every day. At the same time, commercially speaking, the industry seems to be on the verge of a fundamental structural change. The familiar cycle of slump and recovery appears to have broken down. Stephen Gordon, top analyst at Clarkson’s Research, predicts that the coming two years will be more difficult financially than any point over the last decade.

“It is crucial that we put our heads together now in order to unlock this untapped potential and safeguard a sustainable future for the industry,” says Coles. “At Transas we believe in driving positive change. But this is a responsibility that also lies on the shoulders of every industry player.

“The conference will serve as platform to enable a conversation on initiating collaborative change, as well as provide plenty of opportunities for participants to share expertise and gain take-home insights that can be applied and implemented in their operations immediately.”

David Rowan, Editor of Wired UK – the magazine which focuses on the ideas in science, culture and business that are reshaping the world – is the events’ keynote speaker.  Other high-profile confirmed speakers are representatives from Carnival Corporation, and Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd who will share their insight from the front line of vessel operation in the cruise and merchant sectors respectively. Alongside will be a senior researcher from Chalmers University, Sweden, an institute renowned for its progressive study and analysis of human factors and navigation in a maritime setting. Meanwhile, providing an outsider’s perspective and giving insight on ‘lessons learned’ will be a safety expert and ex-pilot from Airbus.

The Transas Global Conference 2017 takes place on March 6-8 in Malta. To learn more, visit: www.thesis2017.com

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