Flashback: Does Anyone Recognize This Device?

Image courtesy of Mike Waters
Image courtesy of Mike Waters

Published Dec 1, 2018 6:51 PM by Mike Waters

Does anyone remember this device?

It was a device invented and used in the early 1960's to develop expanded ship plates. Prior to this they were only developed by building full size mock-ups of the 3D part in wood, so this worked for a short period as an intermediate stage before computers.

The device worked at 1/10th scale and pointers were set at each frame position to represent the shape of each frame.

A special sheet of material was inserted between the pointers and when all was correct, an electrical current was passed through and the sheet of material then had burn marks that could enable the required sheet to be expanded to full size.

In Canada, the last person known to have managed this machine just passed away at 91.

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