WRSystems EmsysTM Technology Receives Formal Type Approval

W R Systems Ltd., Norfolk Va. announced the successful completion of its EmsysTM Product Design Assessment (PDA) program with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) by being awarded formal Type Approval on September 1st 2010.

EmsysTM, is the world’s first Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) based emissions monitoring system to receive Type Approval for on-board verification of marine diesel engines and Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) in line with the Revised MARPOL Annex VI and the NOx Technical Code (2008). The approvals cover both NOx and SOx emissions and additionally, Particulate Matter (PM).

The system was formally launched at the SMM 2010 Exhibition in Hamburg to complete the commercial development phase of the project which commenced in early 2009.

EmsysTM is unique in its design by incorporating 2nd generation laser based emissions sensing technology, combined with an ‘outside the stack’ PM sensor (Patent applied for). The system can sample multiple stacks and provide real-time and historical emissions reporting.

In addition to the MARPOL based Approvals, EmsysTM becomes the first system to be certified for the calculation of totalized emissions, Particulate Matter measurement and the calculation of the CO2 Operational Index in line with IMO Guidelines.

The extensive system assessment and testing by ABS has resulted in EmsysTM taking a significant technological lead over its competitors. With emissions reporting becoming commonplace within schemes such as TMSA (operated by OCIMF), the EmsysTM system is the only technology available to provide a full emissions inventory for NOx, SOx and CO2 for all installed engines and boilers. The sophisticated software suite incorporates GPS position and time stamping to allow highly accurate report generation. Additionally the automated CO2 Operational Index Software module can simplify data collection and index generation whilst increasing the accuracy of reported data.

The integral PM sensor allows reporting of Particulate matter in various formats to provide compliance data for forthcoming Emission Control Areas and other localized regulations. The system utilizes a single PM sensor to measure specific emissions in g/kWh and mg/m3, removing the need for installation of sensors in each stack and eliminating the maintenance and cleaning requirements normally associated with this technology.

The EmsysTM system has been designed to meet the requirements of all current and future marine emissions regulations. A further enhancement to include Ammonia Slip (NH3) measurement within Selective Catalytic Reductions Systems (SCR) is planned for release subject to the finalisation of IMO Guidelines in early 2011.

W R Systems, Ltd. Director of International Marine Business, Simon Brown commented:
“I am thrilled to announce the successful completion of such a unique set of Type Approvals for the EmsysTM product. The technology incorporated in the system is a significant leap forward over the systems currently available. EmsysTM will set new standards in emissions reporting, and can be of significant financial benefit if incorporated within vessel compliance management and operational efficiency programs.”