Watch: Nuyina's Starboard Propeller Started for the First Time

By The Maritime Executive 02-05-2020 05:59:05

The propulsion system of Australia’s icebreaker, RSV Nuyina, has been started for the first time with the turning of her starboard propeller.

The rotation of the 43.5 tonne propeller and another 80 tonnes of shaft line was achieved when the Damen shipyard commissioning team activated the advanced electric drive. It made four revolutions over two minutes. The shipyard team also started the main engine and began work to commission the port propeller over the coming weeks.

Replacing the Aurora Australis, the RSV Nuyina will be faster, larger, stronger and offer increased endurance. The vessel will supply Antarctic research stations with cargo, equipment and personnel, and as a research ship, she will also have extensive laboratory facilities on board. 

The 160-meter long, 24,000-ton vessel is expected to accommodate 34 crew and up to 116 scientific personnel, and has the ability to embark up to four helicopters, two landing craft and a dedicated science tender. 

The icebreaker was designed by KNUD E. HANSEN and is being constructed at the Damen shipyard in Galati, Romania. She is expected to be commissioned this year. Serco Australia is managing the ship design and build process and will then operate and maintain the icebreaker from her home port of Hobart, Tasmania.