Watch: MHI Demonstrates Autonomous Fire-Fighting Robots

Credit: MHI

By The Maritime Executive 03-25-2019 02:42:28

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has developed two firefighting robots: the "Water Cannon Robot" and the "Hose Extension Robot." As a team they are designed for situations too hazardous for firefighting crews, such as fires at petrochemical plants. 

The Water Cannon Robot can extinguish and cool fires where human intervention is difficult, while the Hose Extension Robot automatically lays out up to 300 meters of fire hose to supply water to the Water Cannon Robot. Also part of the system is a "reconnaissance and surveillance robot" and a command system. The system is designed for installation on a dedicated transport vehicle.

The robots are built on chassis frames modified from small farm machinery that has strong suspension and high maneuverability. The frames are equipped with GPS and laser sensors, and the robots are able to self-drive directly to the scene of a fire, equipped with an attached firehose.

After arrival at the scene, the Water Cannon Robot is left in position and the Hose Extension Robot moves to the water source - a fire engine, hydrant, etc. - while laying out its hose on the ground, extendable to a length of 300 meters. The hose is of rigid, heavy (2kg/m) construction, with a 150mm inner diameter (nominal diameter 150A). It is automatically extended and rewound in coordination with the movement of the robot, ensuring proper laying on its intended path, including maneuvers around corners.

The Water Cannon Robot comes with a nozzle for discharging water or foam, with capability to release up to 4,000 liters per minute at a pressure of 1.0MPa.