Video: Corsica RoPax Ferry Strikes Docked Product Tanker

Ropax strikes docked prodcut tanker video
Corsica ferry struck a docked product tanker while arriving in Algeria (Corsica Linea file photo)

Published Apr 11, 2022 5:02 PM by The Maritime Executive

[Brief]  Video surfaced on social media showing a large French RoPax ferry losing control while maneuvering in the port of Algiers, Algeria striking a docked product tanker. There were no reports of injuries, and while the tanker appears to suffer significant damage to its lifeboat and superstructure, the Algerian shipping company reports that it remained seaworthy.

The 24-year-old ferry Jean Nicolo operated Corsica Linea was arriving from Marseille, France in Algiers on April 6 when the tanker company reported that the captain apparently lost control. The 29,968 gross ton RoPax appears to move forward striking the product tanker Tolga in the stern. The ferry, which can carry up to 1,300 passengers and 600 cars, normally operates between Marseille and two ports, Porto-Vecchio and Ajaccio on the island of Corsica. She was apparently substituting for the larger RoPax Danielle Casanova.



The product tanker Tolga built in 2021 and registered in Algeria was docked when the RoPax arrived. The 5,00 dwt vessel was struck in the stern with the overhang of the bow of the ferry hitting the lifeboat and superstructure.

Algeria's National Company for Marketing and Distribution of Petroleum Products (Naftal) which operates the Tolga issued a statement yesterday reporting that inspectors had completed an initial review of the product tanker and that it remained seaworthy. They said the huller and lower works were undamaged but made no mention of the damage to the lifeboat. They said an inspection was still being done on the superstructure. Furthermore, they expect the vessel to remain in service awaiting an insurance payment.

Corsica Linea did not comment on the allision. The RoPax reportedly only suffered superficial damage to its bow and was permitted to continue on its route.