United Marine Security Handles 11 Suspicious Skiffs Approaching Vessel

By MarEx 2012-05-25 11:38:41

Recently, an oil tanker encountered 11 suspicious skiffs about 4 miles North of their position - (12 20N) Long: (044 03E) (aboutt 40 miles ESE of Babel Mandeb TSS).

The vessel immediately raised the alarm and the entire crew, except the bridge team retrated in the citadel. The fire pump was started. The security team, United Marine Security, was already on the bridge wing. The ship's crew also informed a naval aircraft on VHF 16, which was patrolling in the area.

One skiff increased speed and began to approach the tanker from the starboard bow and came close to the distance of about 1 mile from the vessel, then stopped. 7-8 pirates were visible in the skiff.

In the mean time, a naval aircraft approached the location close to the skiff. Sighting this, the Skiff aborted any further approach and moved away towards the coast.

Piracy Attack Report

Ships particulars/details:

1. Name of Ship: Genmar Orion
2. IMO No: 9224271
3. Flag: Marshall Island
4. Call Sign: V7DH8
5. Type of Ship: Oil tanker
6. Last Port/Next Port: Basrah / Suez

Details of Incident:

7. Date & Time of Incident: 1636 Lt/1336 Utc
8. Position: Lat: (12 20N) Long: (044 03E)
9. Own Ship's Speed: 13.5 kts
10. Ship's Freeboard During Attack: 7.0mtrs
11. Weather During Attack: Clear, Wind: Light winds, Sea/Swell: calm sea No swell
12. Types of Attack (Boarded/Attempted): Suspicious Approach
13. Consequences for Crew, Ship and Cargo: N/A
14. Any Crew Injured/Killed: N/A
15. Items/Cash Stolen: N/A
16. Area of the Ship being Attacked: Abt 40 miles SE of Babel Mandeb TSS
17. Last Observed Movements of Pirates/Suspect Craft:(12 20N) Long: (044 03E)

Further Details:

27. Action Taken by Master and Crew and its effectiveness: Raised Alarm, evasive manoeuvers, informed naval Aircraft
28. Was Incident Reported to the Coastal Authority? If so to whom? Yes-Naval Authorities in that Area
29. Preferred Communications with Reporting Ship: English
30. Action Taken by the Authorities: Send a Helo for investigation / survellance
31. Number of Crew/Nationality: 23 crew and 4 security guards
32. Details of Self Protection Measures: crew retrad to citadel, Security team/Bridge team Kept Monitering Skiff Movements / raised alarm to naval Aircraft.