Turkey Investigates Unauthorized Arms Cargo Aboard Ship

By MarEx 2012-11-08 14:13:03

Turkey recently launched an investigation following the discovery of hand guns in biscuit boxes sent by a Turkish firm to Yemen, reports Bloomberg Businessweek.

Yemen’s foreign ministry initially notified Turkey about the discovery. However, it remains unclear as to how many guns were found. The Turkish foreign ministry continues to deny that it sent the pistol shipment that was seized by Yemeni authorities.

The boxes were loaded on a ship at the Mediterranean customs point of Mersin. The carrier was also reported to be a Turkish firm. On Monday, authorities arrested the owner of the arms shipment.

Today, the Turkish ambassador to Yemen stated that the weapons cargo seized at Aden Port would not affect Yemeni-Turkish ties. He also added that the cargo was not officially authorized by the Turkish authorities, who subsequently ordered the probe.

Photo (thumb): One of the marinas in Mersin