Three Killed and 11 Injured in Blast Aboard Indian Destroyer

INS Ranvir (Indian Navy file image)

Published Jan 19, 2022 1:54 PM by The Maritime Executive

A blast aboard the Indian Navy destroyer INS Ranvir killed three crewmembers and injured 11 more on Tuesday, according to the service. 

The blast occured at the Indian Navy's Mumbai Naval Dockyard at about 1640 hours in the afternoon, and the situation was contained rapidly. The ship itself did not sustain significant damage, according to the service. 

The deeased were all master chief petty officers, and they were identified as Krishnan Kumar Gopirav, 46; Surinder Kumar S. Waliya, 47; and Arvind Kumar Mahatam Singh, 38.

"Adm. R. Hari Kumar [Chief of Naval Staff] and all personnel of Indian Navy extend heartfelt condolences to the families," the Indian Navy said in a statement. 

Officials told Hindustan Times that the explosion occurred in an air conditioning compartment. The three deceased victims had been in a separate compartment located above it. 

The Navy has launched a board of inquiry investigation into the cause of the casualty. 

INS Ranvir is an upgraded Rajput-class destroyer, built in the Soviet Union and delivered to the Indian Navy in 1986. Based on the Russian Kashin-class design, the ship has been refitted to carry the BrahMos supersonic anti-ship cruise missile. Three of the five Rajput-class ships are still active.