TechnipFMC and Magnora to Develop Floating Offshore Wind Energy

floating offshore wind energy
Designs for TechnipFMC's Deep Purple pilot project (TechnipFMC)

Published Mar 18, 2021 8:00 PM by The Maritime Executive

New companies are emerging to seek out opportunities in the developing offshore wind sector. One of the promising technologies that they are seeking to deploy is floating applications which expands the deployment opportunities within the sector. Energy services company TechnipFMC has entered into an agreement with Magnora, a renewable energy company based in Norway, to jointly pursue floating offshore wind project development opportunities. 

The partnership will work together to promote and develop Magnora Offshore Wind focusing on the floating technology. Magnora Offshore Wind has already commenced operations and started work on an application for the first round of seabed leasing through the Scottish government’s ScotWind Leasing program. Magnora Offshore Wind also plans to participate in the first offshore wind application round in Norway, which opens in 2021, and will also consider entering new markets in the coming months.

“Magnora and TechnipFMC bring together decades of combined knowledge regarding the development of profitable offshore energy projects,” said Jonathan Landes, President Subsea at TechnipFMC. “This partnership reflects TechnipFMC’s ambition to capture a significant position in the renewable offshore energy market. We are delighted to support Magnora Offshore Wind by providing our expertise and know-how in bringing innovative offshore energy solutions to the market.”

The combined company will seek to build on Magnora’s established position in renewable energy while leveraging TechnipFMC’s technologies. Magnora currently has a position within the renewable energy sector as an owner in offshore wind, onshore wind, and solar development projects. TechnipFMC has experience in the technology used in deep-sea and surface applications and has been developing an initiative known as Deep Purple that seeks to integrate wind and wave energy with offshore green hydrogen storage.

Torstein Sanness, Executive Chairman of Magnora, says they will be jointly looking to explore the opportunities in Deep Purple to utilize offshore wind to produce hydrogen for offshore assets. Together, he believes the companies can provide a market-leading floating offshore wind offering.