Tankers Collide off Tioman Island

By MarEx 2012-12-18 14:03:00

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency rescued 19 crew members from a chemical/product tanker after the vessel collided with an asphalt tanker in the South China Sea.

Around 5 am Monday morning the Indonesian flagged MT CENDANAWATI, carrying 1,600 tons of lubricant collided with the MT COSMIC 10.

Officials report a small leak from the MT CENDANAWATI, which suffered severe damage. The collision left a large gash in the ship’s hull at the mid-section of its engine room. Crews reported that the ship’s captain and engine rooms filled with water after the impact.  The Indonesian flagged and owned MT COSMIC 10 continued on its route.

Crew from the MT CENDANAWATI say they saw the MT COSMIC 10 heading toward them and trying to swerve out of the way, but swerved the wrong way and hit them.

All nineteen crewmembers onboard the MT CENDANAWATI were rescued by the nearby vessel, LADY ANYVISIA. The chemical tanker’s 45-year-old captain suffered minor injuries to the head. The rest of the crew was unharmed.

The Indonesian flagged and owned MT COSMIC 10, suffered only minor damage and continued on its route.