Subsea Solutions Alliance Training and Certification by Equipment Manufacturers

By MarEx 2011-06-14 15:35:02

The member companies of the Subsea Solutions Alliance continually develop their work force through in-house as well as training provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturers. By maintaining a dedicated FULLY EMPLOYED work force, training records are maintained and development plans for personnel are in place. Employees receive on average between 60 and 80 hours of equipment repair specific or ship repair specific training PER YEAR.

Trained and certified personnel for different types of equipment and repairs are maintained in order to meet specific equipment repair and vessel repair requirements throughout the world. This year project manager training, underwater welding courses, underwater welding certification tests and propulsion equipment training has been performed with all levels of the Subsea Solutions Alliance staff. The equipment courses are tailored to the diver / technicians and are developed by the original equipment manufacturers so that our personnel are familiar with the maintenance and repair of Thrusters, Propellers, Seals, Rudders and all other underwater propulsion equipment. By understanding the specific repair techniques and systems in place, our diver technicians can efficiently execute complex repairs under the supervision of the attending engineer from the original equipment manufacturer. Our customer's get peace of mind that our diver / technicians get the same training as the factory field service engineers. Consistent quality, timely executed repairs performed on a moments notice with full OEM service warranties; this is what makes the Subsea Solutions Alliance a true partner that delivers results!

The Subsea Solutions Alliance (SSA) consists of the underwater ship repair specialists: All-Sea Enterprises Ltd, Miami Diver Inc, Parker Diving Service Inc and Trident BV.   For additional information, please feel free to visit the web site of the Subsea Solutions Alliance at www.subseasolutions.com or contact Mr. Rick Shilling, Business Development and sales.