Subsea Solutions Alliance Expands into the Far East

By MarEx 2012-01-26 14:52:24

New Locations for maintenance and repair support in Busan, South Korea and Singapore

Emergency service is required globally in the shipping industry.The member companies of the Subsea Solutions Alliance have developed compact, fully electrical systems designed to be mobilized anywhere around the world and to utilize ship’s power for electrical distribution. This modular system of specialized equipment has allowed the member companies of the Subsea Solutions Alliance to support complex repairs around the world while maintaining a permanent work force in all of our 11 locations throughout the world. Let’s face it though; no one wants to make the airfreight companies rich, right? Customers are looking for ways to optimize costs and not sacrifice service. As the shipping industry suffers under the financial strain of the global economic slow down, our clientele continue to request us to find ways to provide our superior services in a cost effective manner. Continuing to listen and invest in accordance with our customer requests, we are pleased to announce our Far East service locations to support your needs.

Subsea Solutions Alliance performing an underwater tunnel thruster exchange - Busan, Korea

Now in it’s second year of operation, our Subsea Solutions Alliance member company All-Sea Asia continues to strengthen its capabilities. Focus has been on developing the diver / technicians while at the same time becoming approved by all major classification societies. With a full compliment of 5 diver / technicians and 1 permanently stationed project manager (who is a level 3 propeller service engineer- qualified to perform underwater propeller straightening), All-Sea Asia has achieved approved service supplier status from the following classification societies: Lloyds Register, Germanischer Lloyd, American Bureau of Shipping, Korea Register of Shipping, and Det Norske Veritas. With a full compliment of specialized dive equipment and specialized equipment for complex underwater repairs, the Subsea Solutions Alliance has performed aft shaft seal replacement, tunnel thruster exchanges, tunnel thruster repairs, permanent weld repairs and complex propeller repairs in Korea. Recently, the team successfully salvaged a 50-ton anchor with 300 meters of anchor chain. In addition to the complex repairs listed above, in-water surveys, hull cleaning, propeller polishing and minor service work like ICCP anode replacement has been performed. All-Sea Asia continues to strengthen the Subsea Solutions Alliance in the Far East.

Another Far East hot spot for underwater services is Singapore. The member companies of the Subsea Solutions Alliance performed dozens of repairs in Singapore over the past two years. With favorable conditions to perform complex repairs like aft shaft seal replacement, thruster repairs and exchange, complex weld repairs and propeller repairs, the Subsea Solutions Alliance has in the past mobilized a compliment of personnel and equipment to Singapore on a job by job basis. Meeting the needs of the industry, a permanent presence has now been established for the Subsea Solutions Alliance in Singapore as of January 1st 2012. With specialized equipment stationed in Singapore capable of providing underwater maintenance and repair, we are perfectly situated to support your needs. Our containerized systems can be easily loaded on a support vessel and brought along side for the execution of repairs. Systems compliant with today’s stringent offshore standards are also available in Singapore to support our expanding global offshore clientele in the region. Within the first week of January, three complex repairs (1 permanent weld repair and two tunnel thruster repairs) have been ordered in Singapore, employing our new equipment in the region. We’ve listened to the industry’s needs and we look forward to supporting it long into the future in Singapore!

The Subsea Solutions Alliance (SSA) consists of the underwater ship repair specialists: All-Sea Enterprises Ltd, Miami Diver LLC, Parker Diving Service LLC and Trident BV. For additional information, please feel free to visit the web site of the Subsea Solutions Alliance at www.subseasolutions.com.