South Korean Coast Guard Commando Stabbed to Death in Illegal Fishing Stop

By MarEx 2011-12-12 10:10:54

After boarding a Chinese fishing vessel suspected of illegal fishing in the Yellow Sea, a South Korean coast guard commando has been stabbed to death and another severely injured. South Korea has seized the ship, along with the 9 sailors onboard.

Apparently, after the commandos boarded the vessel, the ship’s captain abruptly broke a window pane on the ship and proceeded to stab one of the commandos numerous times with a glass shard.

There has been a rapid diplomatic response in this incident. The South Korean Foreign Ministry has called in the Chinese ambassador to protest. They would like the Chinese government to come down hard on illegal fishing and other illegal acts done by Chinese fishermen. Chinese officials state that they are closely following this case.

The Yellow Sea has been an area of controversy for several Asian countries. Disagreements on whose waters end where are ongoing. Still, the South Korean coast guard has stopped hundreds of Chinese boats on illegal fishing suspicions this year alone. Boat seizures have also been the result of fishing rights disputes; these waters are crucial for fishing and crabbing, and are frequently crowded with Chinese boats.

China claims they are ready to work closely with South Korea in handling these types of cases, but would like to believe that South Korea will fully protect the rights and interests of Chinese fishermen and provide humanitarian treatment.