SOCP Announces Release of Anti-Piracy DVD

The Ship Operations Cooperative Program (SOCP) is pleased to announce the availability of a new SOCP Anti-Piracy DVD, which has been developed to assist seafarers, vessel owners/operators, maritime unions, underwriters and government agencies in preparing vessel crews for piracy attacks.

The SOCP Anti-Piracy DVD includes two training sessions that are complimentary to each other:

• Onboard Anti-Piracy Measures for Mariners

• Crew Hostage Situation Awareness and Response

The threat and success of pirate attacks on commercial vessels has had a significant impact on the maritime industry and on the lives of seafarers that crew the vessels. Piracy continues to remain a major challenge to maritime nations. It is obvious that the maritime community must do more to end this threat to our sea-lanes and mariners.

As an advocate for the US maritime industry, the Maritime Administration (MARAD) promotes U.S merchant marine interests and facilitates industry efforts to meet security challenges. MARAD also facilitates the education and training of our merchant marine officers and crews. As part of its significant efforts in these areas, the Maritime Administration (MARAD) recently provided a grant to the Ship Operations Cooperative Program (SOCP) to produce this training DVD that will prepare mariners for counter-piracy and hostage situations. SOCP is an industry-led, MARAD-sponsored, industry/labor/academia/government cooperative organization, which promotes international competitiveness of commercial US ship operations through the identification, development and application of new methods, procedures and technologies. SOCP members provided industry expertise and vessels to develop, manage and oversee the DVD content and production. SOCP was the natural partner for MARAD in this effort.

The DVD is available at no cost to all US flag ocean-going vessels, their operators/owners, US mariner unions, US maritime academies and other US based institutions engaged in preparing US mariners for the challenges a piracy attack may bring. It is also available to the entire international maritime community and related industry stakeholders– at a modest price of US $125 per DVD. Please determine the number of copies needed by your organization and place your order for the SOCP Anti-Piracy DVD at http://www.socp.us under ‘Products’.

Previews of the videos can be seen at these links: DVD –Part 1 of 2 and DVD- Part 2 of 2.

Industry awareness, training and implementation of piracy counter measures are vital to ensure the safety and security of our mariners and U.S. flag vessels. We hope that this SOCP Anti-Piracy DVD sponsored by MARAD will be effective in assisting industry and government efforts in this area.


Capt. Cole Cosgrove





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