Six-Week-Old Puppies Seized in Port


By MarEx 2016-11-17 19:05:21

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) in Wales has seized 96 puppies from two people who were attempting to import them illegally. The puppies we shipped from Dublin Port and were found in filthy, crowded crates at Holyhead Port.

The puppies, most just six or seven weeks old and of various breeds, arrived in vans on two separate ferries before being intercepted on Tuesday. They were carried in crates without ventilation, food or water.

The case is just one of many which have been discovered following intelligence led investigations under the name Operation Delphin, a collaboration between Irelands animal charity DSPCA, Ulster SPCA, ISPCA, RSPCA, Scottish SPCA, Stena Line, Garda and Customs and Tax authorities in Ireland and the U.K. Operation Delphin was founded to bring an end to the illegal puppy trade into the U.K. from Ireland.

The RSPCA has labelled the incident as a shocking example of the scale of the puppy trade. “This is another shocking example of people being readily prepared to act illegally and compromise the welfare of defenseless animals to make a quick buck,” said a spokesman.

The RSPCA believes thousands of unsuspecting people buy puppies which have been imported in shocking conditions.

The puppies have been returned to Ireland and are now in the care of the DSPCA.  Several of the puppies are ill and are undergoing veterinary treatment.