Six Missing After Collision off China Coast

Tradewinds reports that a Euronav VLCC, FLANDRE, and a Chinese cargo ship, HUA CHI 8 collided off the Zhejiang province Tuesday.

The collision caused the Hua Chi 8 to sink, leaving what is believed to be, six of her crewmembers still missing. None of the crew of 22 from the France-flagged Flandre have been injured. Officials for the FLANDRE report only minor damage to the ship’s bulbous bow.

Currently there is not report of pollution, however the cargo onboard the sunken Hua Chi 8 remains unknown. The Chinese state news Xinhua reported that the cargo ship had seven onboard and that one had been rescued.

Weather in the area was very bad at the time of the collision and was likely the cause, however local officials are conducting an investigation.

Sources: Tradewinds, Xinhua