Siphoning Hijackers Caught


Published Aug 21, 2015 10:09 AM by The Maritime Executive

Indonesian police have arrested three men suspected of hijacking the Indonesian-flagged M/T Rehobot.

The tanker was transporting about 1,100 tons of fuel when it was boarded by nine men wielding knives on January 28. The Rehobot’s 14 crewmembers were forced to abandon ship and jumped into the vessel’s lifeboats and were not found until January 31.

The ship was found grounded and found on Mindanao Island February 23, and its fuel had been siphoned.

Indonesian authorities are still searching for the six remaining hijackers. North Sulawesi Marine Police believe the operation was led by a man named La Ade, who is a fugitive being sought in another incident of fuel siphoning in 2013.