Ship Ablaze in New Zealand Dry Dock

By MarEx 2012-08-29 09:48:07

Firefighting crews are working to put out a massive fire on the Ocean Breeze, which was dry docked in Lyttelton harbor.

Local reports state that no one was aboard the 60-meter fishing trawler before the fire started or has been injured in the blaze and expects investigators to find out the cause on Thursday, according to Radio New Zealand News.

About 13 fire rescue trucks are on scene. A water jet sent through a hole drilled in the starboard side of the bow dramatically reduced the flames and allowed crews to get on the deck with hand-held hoses later in the night. Many are saying the fire may burn throughout the night.

The Lyttelton Tunnel was initially closed to all but emergency vehicles, but is now open.

Check out a raw video here.