Sewage in Maine Harbor After Cruise Ship Visit

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection reports a foul-smelling liquid filled a dock area in Bar Harbor, Maine last month after a visit by Independence, an American Cruise Lines Ship. The stench was first reported as grey water, from the ships sinks and showers, however now officials are saying it was sewage that leaked into the harbor.

Maine's WCSH-TV says The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is citing the results of tests performed on water samples collected shortly after the incident.

American Cruise Lines' 104-passenger Independence appears to be the only possible source of the sewage.

Witnesses reported to WCSH-TV seeing a tannish plume coming from the ship on July 19 as it was docked at the town pier.

Testing by a local laboratory later found elevated levels of the bacteria enterococcus.

The captain of the ship told the news outlet his crew might have discharged "grey water," as the waste water from showers and sinks is known in the industry, but not sewage from the ship's toilet system.

Source: Maine's WCSH-TV
Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia