Seafarer Killed in Accident Aboard Navig8 Product Tanker

File image courtesy Marine Nationale

Published Jul 30, 2020 1:49 PM by The Maritime Executive

On Wednesday, a seafarer died in an accident aboard a Navig8-operated product tanker in the English Channel. 

At about 1850 hours on Wednesday, the Regional Operational Surveillance and Rescue Center (CROSS) in Corsen received an alert from the Guernsey Coast Guard, who reported that an Indian seafarer was seriously injured aboard the chemical tanker Navig8 Axinite. At the time of the report, the Axinite was located about 40 nm north of Morlaix near the Channel's western entrance. 

The center dispatched a French Navy Caiman helicopter with a team of Army Health Service (SSA) medics on board. The helicopter arrived on scene at about 2017 hours and delivered the medical personnel onto the ship. Unfortunately, the victim could not be successfully treated and was declared dead at 2045 hours. 

According to local outlet Le Telegramme, a preliminary investigation suggests that the sailor was mortally injured when a pressurized pipe burst. 

The 2016-built Navig8 Axinite is managed by Navig8 Chemicals Asia, and she has no history of PSC inspection deficiencies. She was under way from Rotterdam to Ukraine at the time of the casualty, and on Thursday she resumed her commercial voyage.