Seacor Energy Inc. to Begin Moving Shale Oil Through Gateway Terminals

By MarEx 2012-06-07 15:06:55

SEACOR Energy Inc. (“SEI”), a subsidiary of SEACOR Holdings Inc., announced that effective immediately, the company will begin moving shale oils through its position at Gateway Terminals LLC (“Gateway”), an affiliate of SEI.

Gateway is located on the Mississippi River across from downtown St. Louis, Missouri, and offers truck, rail (including unit trains), and barge in and out capability. With its convenient location on the Alton & Southern Railroad and access to all major Class I railroads, the Gateway facility can offload 120 car unit trains in less than 24 hours.

SEACOR Energy has moved more than 20 million barrels through Gateway Terminals since it opened in late 2008.

SEACOR Energy Inc., (SEI), a subsidiary of SEACOR Holdings, is the primary leaseholder and marketer of the facility. With its rail and barge fleets, SEI has the ability to move shale oils from field origins to destination refineries.

Randy Ludden, SEI’s Executive VP, stated, “Gateway has a proven track record of safely moving large volumes of product. We look forward to serving the rapidly expanding oil producing regions and refining customers.”

Photo (thumb): Lower Mississippi River near New Orleans