Russian Cargo Ship Hits Train Bridge Supplying Crimea

Russian cargo ship under bridge
Cargo ship wedged under the railway bridge (ASTRA on Telegram)

Published May 27, 2024 12:19 PM by The Maritime Executive


A vintage Russian cargo ship sailing on the Don River at Rostov-on-Don hit a vital train bridge that is used to supply Crimea. The Russian authorities as saying the Zelenga (built in 1978), malfunctioned causing the vessel to allide with the bridge. No trains were crossing the bridge and none were scheduled for today while an investigation is underway.

The Zelenga was built in Germany 46 years ago and currently operates for the Volga Shipping Company. The vessel is 1,755 dwt and 269 feet (82 meters) in length.

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situation is reporting a steering failure on May 26 as the vessel was attempting to pass under the raised portion of the bridge. In the pictures and videos, the center section of the bridge is raised but the vessel was off course and hit a fixed section of the railway bridge. The vessel’s bridge appears to have been heavily damaged. There were no reports of injuries.




While there are no suggestions of sabotage, the Ukrainian media is highlighting the significance as the bridge is used to transport supplies into Crimea. They contend it is a major supply route for materials and armaments being used by the Russian forces occupying Crimea.

Local reports are that the bridge was undergoing inspections, but Russian reports were saying the bridge was operational. The vessel was later towed from the site.