Russia to get Twelve New Warships in 2016

The Admiral Grigorovich

By MarEx 2016-08-01 18:31:22

The Russian Navy is expected to commence the operation of 12 new warships, eight combatant craft and 23 auxiliary vessels this year, reports Russian news agency TASS.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had previously indicated that only seven warships and two submarines would enter operation.

The nation’s United Shipbuilding Corporation is building six of the warships and four other vessels. However, in 2015, the yard failed to deliver seven vessels on time, states TASS.

So far this year, two frigates - the Admiral Grigorovich and the Admiral Essen - have entered operation and another frigate Admiral Makarov is expected later this year. The frigates have a displacement of 4,000 tons, a length of 125 meters (410 feet), a full speed of 30 knots and an endurance of 4,850 miles.

Among the vessels expected this year are the frigate the Admiral Gorshkov and the large landing ship Ivan Gren. Two non-nuclear submarines will also be commissioned as well as a new-generation mine sweeper the Alexander Obukhov.

News agency Izvestiya reports that the main efforts of the Navy are now focused on constructing the Leader nuclear-powered destroyer, Storm aircraft carrier and Lavina large helicopter carriers. 

The Leader-class multipurpose warship is expected to have anti-aircraft, anti-ballistic missile, anti-surface and anti-submarine capabilities. The 200-meter (656 foot) long and 20-meter wide vessel will displace up to 17,500 tons and will have a maximum speed of 32 knots. It is designed to replace the Sovremennyy-class destroyers, the main anti-surface warships of the Russian Navy, as well as the Slava-class cruisers and the Udaloy I class anti-submarine destroyers. 

The Russian Navy is currently preparing a contract with United Shipbuilding Corporation for eight new Leader-class vessels.

The Russian Navy also continues its development of self-guided deep-water search vessels and tethered underwater robots capable of carrying out complex operations.