Robbers Briefly Hold Tanker's Crew Hostage off Port of Conakry

The Ance (file image courtesy LSC)

Published Sep 20, 2019 9:12 PM by The Maritime Executive

Earlier this week, a group of armed pirates took members of the crew of the product tanker Ance hostage, then looted their belongings and the ship's properties, according to the ICC IMB.

In the early hours of Monday morning, the Ance was anchored at a position about five nm off the coast of Conakry, Guinea. Four armed pirates armed with knives and a gun boarded the vessel. They took the AB watchstander hostage, tied his hands and forced him to lead them to the bridge, ICC IMB reported.

Once in the bridge, the robbers took the officer on watch hostage. They compelled him to lead them to the cabins of the master, the chief engineer, the third officer and the bosun. The robbers looted the cabins, then locked the crew inside one cabin and left the ship. 

The robbers made off with the crew's personal belongings, cash and some items belonging to the vessel. The operator, Latvian Shipping Company (LSC) told Latvian news outlet LETA that the total value of the stolen goods was relatively small. No injuries were reported, and LSC said that the ship was not damaged in the boarding. 

As of Friday night, the Ance remained anchored off Conakry. 

LSC good samaritan crew rescues fishermen

LSC reports that the crew of its managed vessel Elandra Corallo recently rescued eight Brazilian fishermen from a sinking fishing boat.

On Sunday morning, the crew of the Elandra Corallo spotted a sinking fishing boat while they were approaching the coast of Brazil. The ship's captain, Andrei Taranenko, immediately began a rescue operation.

Using a lifeboat, the Corallo's crew rescued eight Brazilian citizens, brought them on board and provided them with medical care. The rescued fishermen did not suffer any significant injuries and the Corallo proceeded to the Port of Sao Luis to disembark them. The total duration of the rescue evolution was about one hour.