Report: Ten Kidnapped from Tanker Off Lagos

file photo of Lagos
file photo of Lagos

By The Maritime Executive 05-02-2020 08:08:55

Maritime security company Dryad Global reports that 10 crew have been kidnapped from a product tanker carrier 178 nautical miles south of Lagos, Nigeria, in the Gulf of Guinea.

A speedboat with an unknown number of pirates onboard attacked the Vemahope on April 30, kidnapping 10 crew and leaving four behind. If confirmed, this incident would be the seventh deep offshore incident within the Nigerian EEZ in 2020 and would mean 42 crew have now been kidnapped from vessels operating in West Africa this year. 

Dryad has also reported that two trawlers were boarded and crew kidnapped off Libreville, Gabon. The vessels were 20 and 36 nautical miles from shore at the time, and three have been kidnapped from each vessel. A single group of 13 pirates is believed to be responsible.

Dryad also reported an attempted boarding 2.5 nautical miles east of Takoradi Port, Ghana, on April 30.

Six pirates were arrested while attempting to board the LPG tanker Epic Bermuda. Reports suggest that during the initial boarding attempt the Officer on Watch noticed the pirates and sounded the alarm. The authorities at Takoradi then dispatched a patrol vessel to assist. The crew are reported safe.

Dryad notes this is the fourth incident in the waters off Takoradi this year and the third within three nautical miles of Takoradi Port.