PSV Cuts Transit Emissions by a Third With Efficiency Tweaks

Normand Leader
Courtesy Solstad

Published Jan 10, 2023 9:39 PM by The Maritime Executive

On a recent long transit, the PSV Normand Leader shaved nearly a third off of her fuel consumption using software and simple efficiency measures, according to operator Solstad Offshore. 

As shipowners and operators look for ways to reduce emissions and meet CII compliance targets, efficiency is a low-cost, high-impact way to move forward. Normand Leader, which recently returned to Norway from Australia, showed the possibilities by saving fully 29 percent of emissions and fuel (compared to a normal transit). According to Solstad, the trick was "excellent seamanship plus data analytics." 

Working with VPS, the maker of efficiency software package MARESS, the crew of the Normand Leader worked to tune every aspect of the vessel's operation for low fuel consumption. 

Before departure, the hull was "optimized" to reduce drag; hull cleaning can save 10 percent or more on its own, according to multiple hull service companies. Under way, the deck officers and engineers made small changes that all added up. Tweaks to trim, draft and autopilot settings helped reduce resistance through the water. The engineers shut down unneeded auxiliary equipment and reduced the number of running engines (sea state allowing). Meanwhile, VPS' software let the crew set performance goals and track their progress. 

"Projects like this will help us to be better and more efficient. It is a win win situation for Solstad, the environment and our clients. Initiatives and findings will ultimately be digitized in the above-mentioned software MARESS, which will benefit all users," said Svein Erik Isaksen, Sustainability Advisor at Solstad.

It is the latest in a series of efficiency achievements at Solstad. The company recently installed a battery hybrid system and cold-ironing infrastructure for the CSV Normand Ocean, cutting its emissions by a quarter. The PSV Sea Frost is also getting a battery-hybrid upgrade under a new charter with Equinor.