Port of Rotterdam Cargo Increases


Published Jul 17, 2015 6:56 PM by The Maritime Executive

The European economic recovery and lower oil prices have increased throughput at Port of Rotterdam by 6.8 percent during the first six months of 2015. Oil products lead the way with an overall increase of 30 percent, which accounted for nearly a fifth of the total cargo volumes. 

Liquid bulk increased by 15.4 percent, crude oil volumes rose by 8.3 percent and due to more refining capacity in Northern Europe and Russia, fuel oil exports increased by 50 percent to 11 million tons.  LNG increased by 106 percent due to lower prices in Asia and the port saw a re-export of LNG to industrial clusters in Europe where there has been a change from fuel or gas oils to LNG.

Container throughput increased as well by 3.7 percent in TEUs or 2.3 percent in container tonnage. Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe and its transshipment traffic increased 6.6 percent via feeder ships. With the advent of vessels exceeding 18,000 TEUs, which there are 50 new orders for ships this size, Rotterdam witnessed an increase of box ships exceeding 10,000 TEUs from 35 to 90 in the first six months of the year. Two new terminals came on line this year, which are owned by APM Terminals and RWG Group.

Meanwhile, bulk cargoes fell by -4.9 percent and agriculture bulk had a significant decline of -18.4 percent. Iron ore declined by -3.3 percent and coal fell by -2.2 percent.