Port of Oslo Invests in Novel Electric-Powered Workboat

Rendering courtesy Corvus Energy

By The Maritime Executive 04-11-2019 05:05:35

The Port of Oslo is investing in a novel harbor workboat - a battery-powered, all-electric skimmer for cleanup. The new litter skimmer boat is believed to be the first of its kind in the world. It will have a run time of up to five hours, and can recharge in two hours when berthed at a shore power station. 

The 40-foot aluminum vessel will be built by Grovfjord Mek. Verksted (GMV), the shipyard that built the world's first all-electric fish farm boat. Britsh Columbia-based power storage company Corvus Energy is supplying the batteries, and it predicts that ports will soon see the advantages of all-electric workboats.  

"We are confident that we will see a massive shift from diesel to battery on all kinds of harbour-going vessels due to substantial benefits," said Roger Rosvold, VP of sales for Corvus. "Battery power reduces emissions, which are increasingly regulated in many ports and harbours. Moreover, batteries are safer and quieter for the crew, and save both fuel and maintenance costs for the owners.”

Rosvold pointed to the Navtek NV-712 ZeeTUG (Zero Emissions Electric Tug) as an example. The ZeeTUG will operate within tight, confined waterways in Istanbul's harbor, and the owner decided to go all-electric rather than hybrid in order to get the most compact package available. It will be the world’s first battery-powered, all-electric tugboat when it enters service this year, and Navtek plans to build three more. 

The ZeeTUG (rendering courtesy BMA Technology)