Pirate Attacks Increase in India


Published Mar 10, 2020 7:47 PM by The Maritime Executive

The ReCAAP ISC has released its February report noting there has been an increase in incidents in India.

10 incidents of armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia in February. Four of these incidents were reported in India, and one further incident in India occurred in January. Throughout the whole of 2019, there were five incidents reported in India.

In February 2020, the four Indian incidents were:

February 11: Offshore supply ship Evimeria

At about 0530 hrs, Evimeria was anchored at Kakinada Anchorage when four perpetrators in a blue and yellow craft boarded the ship through its tire fender. The perpetrators were armed with knives and stole 20 meters of mooring rope. The master raised alarm, and the perpetrators escaped. The crew were not injured.

February 19: tanker Morbius

At about 0720 hrs, the tanker Morbius towed by tug boat Allianz Titanium was underway off Gujarat when nine perpetrators approached the ship in a fishing boat. Two of the perpetrators boarded Morbius while the remaining seven perpetrators waited in the fishing boat. The master reported the incident to Indian Coast Guard (ICG) and local Marine Police via radio. An ICG ship was dispatched, and the seven perpetrators in the fishing boat were apprehended. The ICG then boarded Morbius and apprehended the remaining two perpetrators hiding in the ship. The perpetrators were handed over to
Marine Police Station Pipavav.

February 20: Tanker Al Barrah

At about 0530 hrs, Al Barrah was anchored at Kakinada Anchorage when an unknown number of perpetrators boarded the tanker and escaped with two mooring ropes and nine paint drums.

February 28: Offshore Supply Vessel Malaviya Ten

At about 0400 hrs, Malaviya Ten was anchored at north Kakinada Anchorage when the master sighted seven perpetrators in a dinghy boat boarded the ship from the stern. They stole lube oil drums and escaped. 

The ReCAAP ISC advises ship master and crew to exercise enhanced vigilance, look out for suspicious small boats, adopt extra precautionary measures and report all incidents to the nearest coastal State immediately. It also recommends that the ICG and law enforcement agencies step up surveillance and patrols at Kakinada Anchorage.